Liverpool Supporters

The Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club was founded in 2013 by two friends who had a vision for a supporters club in Durban. Linus Naik had been a member of the Cape Town and the Johannesburg Supporters Clubs previously, and after moving to Durban in 2012, realised that there wasn’t an official one on the East Coast. Together with Shahil Lachman, they put in the groundwork to set up a supporters club in Durban. After scouting many venues, they finally settled on their current home, at the Britannia Hotel.

The vision was to have a “home” for all Liverpool fans to watch games together and sing along with the Kop. In addition, we do whatever we can to support our local community, under a Liverpool banner. In 2013, a formal steering committee was voted in, and Linus served as the first elected Chairman. The club also put in an application for Official registration with Anfield. The Official title was awarded for the 2014/15 season and has been carried through to present day.

This means that the club has access to home seating for games at Anfield. Our current chairperson is Dashnie Govender, supported by Denver Naidu asVice-Chair, both serving their first term  and flying the banner high for LFC fans on the East Coast. Our home base has always been Britannia Hotel, which we affectionately call BritAnfield. Britannia has welcomed and supported us from our very first day and we look forward to our continued strong partnership. 

Official Supporters Club

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